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Województwo PB 98 PB 95 ON LPG
dolnośląskie 5,34 5,02 5,00 2,02
kujawsko-pomorskie 5,39 5,04 5,04 2,01
lubelskie 5,38 4,99 4,99 1,96
lubuskie 5,37 5,02 5,00 1,98
łódzkie 5,25 4,93 5,00 1,93
małopolskie 5,36 5,02 5,04 1,97
mazowieckie 5,34 5,00 5,02 2,01
opolskie 5,35 4,97 4,99 1,97
podkarpackie 5,31 5,00 5,00 1,92
podlaskie 5,29 5,00 5,02 1,94
pomorskie 5,36 5,00 5,01 2,06
śląskie 5,22 4,94 4,97 1,92
świętokrzyskie 5,33 4,95 4,99 1,91
warmińsko-mazurskie 5,31 4,99 5,00 1,98
wielkopolskie 5,29 4,97 5,00 1,93
zachodniopomorskie 5,43 5,00 5,00 2,06

About Us

The Association of Car Fleet Managers (SKFS) was set up in 2005 in order to develop and influence the car fleet sector by disseminating knowledge on car management.SKFS is the most important body grouping persons involved in the management of car fleets in Poland.

SKFS in numbers
As at registration in the National Court Register, members of the Association were managing 8 000 cars. At present the number of cars managed under the brand of SKFS is as many as 100 000. Initially the Association grouped 16 persons. Now the number has increased to 200 persons.

Our values and objectives:
Our priority is to disseminate knowledge on car fleet management by sharing experiences among members of SKFS. We pursue the mission by arranging training and meetings as well as development and implementation of training materials for drivers of company cars. The supreme value of our association is to disseminate the knowledge gained in experience in fleet management. This is manifested in social activities by members of the Association in all initiatives in the fleet market and fleet related (events, campaigns, training projects). SKFS members attend fleet events as lecturers. The Association is involved in various publications by developing expert studies. One of our objectives is environmental protection. We have been pursuing the “green fleet” program by using materials in car operation that have as little impact on the environment as possible. In our operations we pay attention to improving safety in Polish roads.

Management Board of SKFS.  Term of office 2015-2020:
President of the Management Board - Radosław Kraciuk
Deputy President of the Management Board - Jacek Mleczek
Member of the Management Board - Robert Kolarczyk
Member of the Management Board, Treasurer - Robert Błachnio
Member of the Management Board - Janusz Woźniak
Member of the Management Board, Secretary - Krzysztof Koszewski

Audit Committee:
Piotr Wagner
Katarzyna Kalinowska
Mariusz Petryka


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